Hi! Welcome to Syntropulse. Thanks for checking it out.

I’m Ben. I grew up in New Hampshire. I love to skateboard, hike, create stuff, and learn stuff.

Syntropulse is for people who are fascinated  with life, and want to make the most of it.

I find it truly incredible that we’re here. That everything in this universe came together the way it did and gave birth to us humans. Our ability to experience this corner of the cosmos in such a rich way is a gift. We are the universe’s way of looking at itself, and we get a pretty damn good view.

My reaction to these facts is intense curiosity that fuels a desire to learn as much as I can about life, coupled with deep gratitude that urges me to use my life in the best way possible.

The mission of Syntropulse is to stoke the same kind of curiosity and gratitude in you. It’s to inspire you to learn, and to empower you to do awesome things with your life.

Some posts on here are philosophical considerations. They’re reflections on how or why things happen the way they do, and how we should react to them. That’s the learning part.

Others are more personal-development oriented. They’re about how to use your human potential effectively. That’s the living awesomely part.

I hope life and existence inspires you the same way it inspires me.