About + Work With Me

Who Am I?

I’m Ben Carton. If I had to pick one thing to do all day every day for the rest of my life it would be exploring places on my skateboard. I love jazz music, cartoons, and being outside. I also love to ponder and dream about this possibility-wonderland we call the universe…

What is Syntropulse About?

I help seekers of human flourishing create ways of being that make them feel vibrantly alive. I believe that everyone can build joyful and wholesome lifestyles by making space in their days for wellness, meaningful work, and having fun.

Syntropulse is here to provide the knowledge and encouragement for you to do just that. It’s here to support your journey toward your own personal flourishing. I create content on the topics of wellness practices, habit change, and personal reflection to equip you with the most effective self-evolution know-how.

I want you to grow as healthy and as potent as you can be. But Syntropulse is also here to remind you to have fun! My philosophy is that health and personal empowerment is unsustainable if it gets in the way of enjoying ourselves. I strongly advocate for balancing your personal growth with plenty of fun.

My Genuinely Awesome Degree Program

I first developed an interest in health and wellness while going to college at Lesley University. I graduated with a B.A. in Holistic Psychology. My program was oriented around a “mind, body, spirit” approach to psychological healing.

I studied a huge variety of whole-person therapies: mindfulness-based stress reduction, yoga for mental and emotional health, art therapy, guided meditations, reflective journaling, nutrition for optimal mood, expressive therapies, and more were all a part of my degree.

To make all this knowledge applicable I studied the psychology of habit change, the dynamics of a counselor-client relationship, and classical models of psychology and therapy. I was trained to use traditional modes of counseling, such as talk therapy, as a vehicle through which to offer clients holistic growth.

My Own Struggles with Habit Change

For a long time I seriously struggled to live a wholesome, healthy lifestyle. I was interested in wellness and had experienced the feelings of vibrancy and aliveness that come after a yoga session, a nutritious meal, or a mindfulness practice. But I had the wrong approach…

I would go hard on self-care and personal development for two or three weeks: doing yoga and meditating every morning, cooking healthy meals, exercising after school or work, spending my free time writing and reading, etc. But I could only keep it up for so long before I got burnt out on wellness.

So after a couple healthy weeks, I would spend the next couple weeks doing only fun and pleasurable things to the neglect of my health and ultimately my happiness. I smoked despite the fact that I have asthma. I spent gross amounts of time on video games and porn. I went skateboarding without doing yoga or other exercises to balance out my body.

Needless to say it was a great time 😀 But then, as a regular part of the cycle, I would feel like absolute shit from all the decadence D:

After making the same mistakes way too many times, as us humans are prone to do, I started to figure out a better equilibrium…

I realized that filling life solely with pleasure-seeking and hedonism is soulless and makes us sick in mind and body. But I also realized that excessively trying to realize your potential, unceasingly striving to be your best self, makes you way too serious about everything and sucks the fun out of life.

I saw that I was caught up bouncing between both extremes, and needed to settle somewhere in the middle.

Nowadays I feel fantastically better. After some starts and stops I created a lifestyle that works for me. I’ve made yoga my daily anchor-habit. I totally quit some vices and learned to responsibly moderate others. I spend sane and flexible amounts of time on things like exercise, cooking, and working on my passions. I make Tuesdays and Thursdays my “chill days”, using them for only fun and relaxation once I’m home from work.

We’re different people, so your optimal lifestyle may look different. The point is that when it comes to struggling with habits and lifestyle, I’ve been there. And I wrestled with that struggle until I figured out a better way of living for me.

Work With Me

If you can relate to my story at all, then I’m here to help you.

Maybe you aren’t quite as vice-ridden as I was, or maybe you just took your sixth hit of that bong…

But if you’re looking to get healthier without losing your mind, if you want to live wholesomely and still have plenty of fun, then I’m your guy.

The industries around health and wellness often suggest their products will work miracles for your life. They’ll make you some kind of Health God. You’ll be fit, sexy, and enlightened!

Those portrayed ideals are unrealistic and only lead us to feel bad about ourselves. We’ll never quite measure up, and most of the time we blame ourselves for these perceived shortcomings…

Soon enough, after experiencing challenge and discouragement, we drop our efforts completely.

My approach is more grounded. We don’t need to be obsessive over having perfect health. We don’t all need to be the next productivity guru, cramming our unmanageable days with suffocating amounts of personal development.

We should all be able to feel good. We should all make sensible efforts to care for our health. We should all find a handful of wholesome activities that we genuinely enjoy. We should all do something productive on most days. That’s the perspective I come from.

I offer video calls on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, and will support you via email to encourage consistency and reflection on the action plans we make.

If you’re interested in working with me, then send me an email at: bencarton@syntropulse.com

In that email please include:

  1. Your name and what you enjoy doing for fun.
  2. Why you want to work with me. What do you want to work on? How does your life look and feel if you accomplish your goals?
  3. What you expect to be your biggest struggle, obstacle, or challenge. What is going to make this difficult?

Please understand that I am only interested in working with people who are ready to put in work to change. I am going to ask you to try new things, to stop doing old things, and to push your comfort zone.

I promise to work as hard and as smart as I can to support your growth. But I need your promise to do the same so that we can make awesome things happen. When it comes to this stuff, you get what you put in.

I hope you’re interested in building a life for yourself that is both vibrantly healthy and lots of fun. After you send me an email we can schedule a free consultation call to decide whether we want to work with each other.

Start Here

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It makes me incredibly happy when somebody tells me that something I’ve created has helped them. I absolutely love using this blog to bring positive stuff into other peoples’ lives. I hope you find something here that impacts your life. If you do, please let me know with a comment or an email!

For now, peace out and be well!