… But You Can Take A Break Too

A little more than a week ago I posted this article about the importance of practicing something every day.

In that article I made a commitment to post an article every day, to ensure my own consistency and practice in an art that is important to me.

But then yesterday, oh no! I didn’t post an article!

I woke up at a friends house, spent the whole day with them, and partied a little bit at night. Late yesterday I realized that I hadn’t written an article and that I probably wouldn’t. I felt guilty about going back on my commitment.

But then I remembered how I often fluctuate between extremes. Whether it’s writing, yoga, or meditation, I go through spurts of uber-dedication, followed by burnout, followed by a period of not doing the thing at all.

Maybe it would be better to pace myself. To give myself a break once I’ve done the work to earn it.

Modern culture has forgotten the value of rest. Our incessant drive to produce and to be better leaves us exhausted physically, mentally, and emotionally. We need rest for the sake of our happiness and sanity. What’s most ironic, though, is that the exhaustion eventually catches up with us – and sabotages the very productivity and progress that we worked too hard for in the first place!

So here’s an amendment to my commitment: on some days, I’m just gonna chill. I’ll write articles almost every day. But now and then, if I’ve written for a good number of days in a row, I won’t. Because we all need some rest.

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