You Got the Power!

My last couple articles were mostly about being humble in the face of change.

I’ve written a lot about practicing acceptance, and I mean what I say. Compared to the collective activity of the rest of the universe, one individual human doesn’t have all that much influence. It’s good to learn how to accept life as it comes and be happy in spite of not having everything go your way all the time.

With that said, I’m going to speak to the opposite side of things right now: You are POWERFUL!

You are the concerted effort of trillions of cells. They’re all working for YOU! From this perspective, you’re an amazing super-organism to which innumerable tiny beings have dedicated themselves.

Atoms, bacteria, ants, leaves, rocks, and squirrels can’t comprehend the cosmos like you can. They probably can’t even do math. You have an intelligence unmatched by anything known to humanity.

Your moment-to-moment experience is incredibly rich. As a human you get to see so many colors, hear so many sounds, feel so many emotions, and on and on. The way we get to experience the world is truly a miracle and a gift.

Finally, you are the most adaptable type of organism on the planet. There are a few niches we don’t get to occupy: for example, certain bacteria can live in volcanoes. But humans occupy every climate across the globe. We live in outer space! This is because we have jaw-dropping kinds of talent. We can learn things and take actions far beyond the capacity of any other organism on earth.

We can do the physics needed to build a spaceship, and we can also kickflip on skateboards. We display quite the variety of skills.

So don’t let thoughts of limitation get you down! The truth is, despite how small we are, we have immense potential.

Go use that potential. Learn something new today. Practice something you’re good at. Create something beautiful. You’ve got time, and you’ve got a human body and mind. That’s a lot to have on your side.

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