Everything Changes

Nothing ever stays the same. Period.

Change itself is the only thing that lasts forever. It’s the only thing we can rely on to always be there.

If there is one fact about this existence that we can truly know, it’s that all of the things we could possibly comprehend will one day be different.

As we travel through the dimension of time, our body changes. We find new interests; encounter new opportunities and obstacles. We meet new people and grow close to them. We lose people that we love. Maybe some things will stay constant: you could love tacos all your life. But there will always be things changing around you.

Technology changes. Cultural attitudes and the structures of societies change.

A billion years in the future, the length of an earth day will be different. The gravitational pulls of the earth and moon tug each other, and right now the momentum of the spin of the moon is slowing the spin of the earth. We know that 350 million years ago it took the earth less than 23 hours to spin around once. This made days shorter, which meant more days fit into a year. About 385 day-night cycles occurred per rotation around the sun. Years were somewhere around 385 days long!

The days themselves are lengthening. Today is a minuscule percentage of a second longer than it was yesterday.

The cycles according to which all of life on earth organizes are changing as you read this. The astronomical events which shape our climate, biological evolution, and human society are changing. Fast and slow, everything is changing.

With this in mind, it’s a good idea to learn how to embrace change.

To adapt to change is the most useful skill in life. This is true of any organism. Adaptation is the essence of evolution.

Welcoming change, especially when it’s difficult, forms a foundation for living well. If we can keep our emotions in check during challenging change, then it’s much easier to take skillful actions and feel as good as possible in the meantime.

Maybe a friend doesn’t do a favor that you had expected them to do. You feel frustrated. It’s not the best course of action to fixate on your frustration so much that your mood is ruined for the day. Maybe you should express your feelings to your friend, or maybe not. Regardless, emotionally accepting the change in situation will be good for your own peace of mind and for the sake of thinking clearly about how to resolve the problem.

We will also be more likely to see the opportunities that change can provide if we take it with a welcoming attitude. Maybe now you have to go pick up that laundry your friend forgot, but while you’re out you can get groceries, and free up some of tomorrow’s time.

I know that’s not the most challenging change we have to deal with. I’m not saying you have to be happy about the truly difficult things that happen.

All I’m saying is that life will change. Sometimes in ways you want, other times in ways you don’t. The better you can deal with that the more enjoyable life will be.

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