Doing It Every Day

This is yet another reminder, to myself and others, that to progress significantly at anything we must do it every day.

Consistency matters so much infinitely more than duration or intensity of practice. Practicing for two hours every Saturday, or practicing just a couple days per week but trying really hard, will not yield the same quality results as practicing for just ten minutes every day.

When you do something every day, your total time practicing accumulates quickly. You’re adding a little bit all the time. Also, your instinctual memory starts picking up the skill. If it’s something physical, we would say your “muscle memory” starts to get it. Even if it’s not a physical activity – maybe it’s writing, or reading, or gardening – it’s the act of doing it often which hones your instincts. Consistency of practice breeds a keen sense for what you’re doing; a familiarity with the activity that helps you “feel it out” better than someone who isn’t regularly practicing.

So whatever you like to do – and whatever you want to get good at – do it often. As often as possible. Hopefully every day.

This is a commitment from me to write every day. I’ll post something on Syntropulse from now on every day, even if it’s just a tiny article. Starting with this one 🙂

** Note: I have since stopped posting every day so that I focus on longer articles. It was an awesome experiment to train my writing skills, since I hadn’t yet practiced with the goal of writing shorter pieces under a time crunch. If you’re a writer I highly recommend it, and I could see myself doing this again in the future. For now, I’ve switched my method, and you can expect an article every one to two weeks. Happy practicing 🙂

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